Pregnancy and Maternity

The birth of a child is a wonder, one of life's truly special moments. My portrait package allow expectant moms, dads and siblings to capture their love and joy both before and after birth of their new baby. I always aim to schedule these sessions when Mom is between 32 and 35 weeks along.

  • package includes guidance on location and outfits.
  • Private Gallery with download and sharing options
  • 25 minimum high resolution edited images
  • all images will be delivered 2-3 weeks.
  • personal password protected gallery
  • Included 8x10
  • prints available for purchase
  • includes black and white images

What to wear

Long or mid knee length maxi dresses highlights that beautiful baby bump and covers up any areas you feel are “problem” areas. Feel free to add a statement necklace, bracelet, cute hat. For men, I suggest solid and simple clothing no patterns.

"Beautifully Blushed" all inclusive package also available

  • includes all the above
  • makeup by a professional artist
  • hair piece
  • 2 dresses
  • 2 locations
  • Inluded 11x14 print
  • additional 25 prints

"For a second just imagine your child treasuring a picture of you, your beautiful smile, your hands cradling your belly, imagining themselves curled up, growing inside you. Capturing just how much love you felt before you even laid eyes on them."

Mothers are super heroes and it should always be celebrated.

Milk Bath Maternity Session

Add milk, some flowers and VOILA – a gorgeous session creating some magnificent art in the comfort of your own home.

The latest trend for pregnant women is absolutely stunning giving mama a moment to truly stop and connect with her unborn baby! 

The purpose of milk bath sessions is a way to embrace the end of your pregnancy in a comfortable, relaxed, and natural environment. What a beautiful way to show the loving bond you had with your little one before they were even born. There are many ways to set the “stage” for a milk bath scene.

The best time to schedule a milk bath session is between 30-34 weeks pregnant. Lace gown or lace cover up is highly recommended to wear during your milk bath session because is so very feminine and elegant. keep in mind since lace gown is very see-through, I also recommend tan pasties and suggest my clients to bring along some matching color lace undergarments so it all blends nicely. If you’re going for a more nude look then white tulle is another great option to bring and wrap yourself in.

  • package includes a personal password protected gallery with sharing options
  • 30 minimum high resolution edited images
  • all images will be delivered 1-2 weeks.
  • included 8x10
  • prints available for purchase
  • flowers color will be decided upon booking (Flowers can be provided for an additional fee)
  • Print release

Tip: you can customized the colors to match your baby nursery and hang some beautifully coordinated maternity portraits.

Note: Tub rental is now available at 2 central location in Virginia Beach

scroll to the bottom for rental detail.

"sit back, relax, cuddle baby & let the oxytocin flow"
Through out history the milk bath has been a luxurious beauty secret and tranquil escape for a women.

A milk bath is a beautiful option to enhance the portrait experience for a mama and her bump.

The silky smooth milk engulfs your belly while emphasizing your motherly curves in all the most flattering ways. Adding flowers creates a playful and serene mood.

"You are part of something extraordinary, you are growing & creating a new life."

"Every pregnancy has a story. Let's tell yours ..."